Ronaldinho is well-known as one of many world’s most famous football player.

Ronaldinho is well-known as one in the world’s most famous football player.

He was born in 1980 in a small town of Brazil and grew up in a poor
family. He’s a brother and a sister. His father’s early death had
left a weight of family life to his afflicted mother. The family has a strong
football fire. Ronaldinho’s father was a football player, his
mother was a big football fan and his awesome brother is also a football
player. Dependent his family, Ronaldinho played football since he
was a little kid; sometimes he even played football with a dog.

was very supportive people playing ice skating. On Sundays, we had lunch
while watching games on the football stadium. And I always felt like a

Ronaldinho’s father died of something like a heart attack when Ronaldinho was
just eight “Dad was always the pillar from the family. Since he died,

We had been so
upset. ; however , my brother told me to graduate student and to take a
responsibility additional medications the family life recover.”

Then Ronaldinho made every effort to pursue success in his
football career. And he was selected for the Brazilian national
football baseball team. When he was in the national team and scored the pioneer
goal, he looked up and pointed to the sky as if to tell his father of
his financial achievements. Since then, that he points to sky after he scores is
considered as that he dedicates a purpose to his father.

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