Hollywood Culture

Hollywood Culture

One of the greatest accomplishments of our civilization is Hollywood culture. Its use of dark, fantastic story lines and images in films has helped to influence a whole generation of people. Movies have played a major role in the evolution of this culture.

hollywood culture

Hollywood culture has come a long way from where it was with the advent of cinema and the era of silent movies. The moviemakers used to work on short notice and with a limited budget. They also used to take an idea of a movie and improve upon it. Their creativity reached its peak during the period of silent film.

With the emergence of film stars, Hollywood culture became very popular all over the world. It has been seen that Hollywood culture has influenced the United States with its use of female role models like Jackie O and Greta Garbo. Today, the role of Hollywood culture is very prominent in Hollywood movies.

People from different parts of the world have come to know the greatness of Hollywood culture through their movies. In America, most of the movies are made in Los Angeles. The New York filmmakers have often made movies that fail to keep pace with the top Hollywood films. There is no dearth of great movies in this country as far as Hollywood culture is concerned.

Hollywood culture is now gaining momentum in other countries as well. The city of San Francisco, which is famous for its weirdness and underground mentality has recently shown signs of changing. It is a fast growing city and is also attracting investors and designers for making huge investments.

If one studies the history of San Francisco, he would find the rich cultural legacy which has given a lot of influence to the cultural activities of the city. Hollywood culture has already affected this city, which is otherwise known for its oddballness. The main reason behind this is the creation of people from South-Asia, that is to say, immigrants from places like India and Pakistan. This has had a huge impact on the culture and fashion in the city.

As a result, we see a revival of the look of the city. It is because of this that San Francisco looks attractive with its hot sunny weather and its restaurants. Moreover, it also leads to a flourishing in the creative arts and tourism. Hence, the city is fast emerging as a tourist attraction and people can enjoy a true artistic experience by going to this city.

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